Towards a new semicon generation

China is the fastest-growing economy in the world and is developing into a smart society. The wide-ranging digitalization creates a large demand for innovative semiconductors (chips). China now imports around ninety percent of the semiconductors, however, there is the potential and need to produce the majority of them within China. A combination of high-quality, high-tech semicon equipment and the correct process knowledge is needed to take this step.

BASE CHINA (Business Accelerator SEmicon), offers this exact combination of equipment and process knowledge. We are an experienced team of semiconductor companies from the Netherlands, that work together with the Dutch government. Together with partners in China we would like to enable the new semicon generation!

In the spotlight

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Get inspired by Dutch High Tech

Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the high-tech systems and materials (HTSM) sector are renowned for their technological excellence and as leaders in their market segments. The promotion of the ‘Holland High-Tech’ brand internationally, and therefore the HTSM sector as a whole, is supported by Dutch industry, knowledge institutes and the Netherlands’ national and regional governments. High-end technology companies are interested in increasing their export turnover, creating new markets for their products, and developing innovative concepts and ideas.

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Dutch Semicon Valuechain
Members BCSEMI NL Dutch Semicon

  • Design

  • Front-End

  • Back-End

  • Equipment

  • Testing

  • Assembly

  • System Integration

Why team-up?

The public-private partnership of BASE CHINA − five Dutch expert companies in high-tech semicon equipment working with the Dutch government − can team up with leaders from China’s semicon industry. Together we can take the next step towards producing high-standard semiconductors. The public-private partnership offers highly innovative equipment in combination with the necessary process knowledge, front-end and back-end.

Why the Dutch?

The Dutch have many years of experience with semicon equipment. A large percentage of the chips produced world-wide are made using Dutch tools. The typically Dutch approach – open minded, inventive and collaborative – has led to the establishment of the Holland Hightech Centre China in Suzhou. Several cooperation agreements have already been concluded with the Chinese government, for example, in the field of talent development. We believe that our highly sophisticated innovative equipment and detailed process knowledge can make a great contribution to the development of the Chinese semiconductor industry.

Why China?

The need for semiconductors is increasing worldwide. This is the case in China, too. A logical consequence of wide-ranging digitalisation. The manufacturing process of chips is very complex, where every second counts and is therefore expensive. The semicon sector in China wants to, and can, make a huge impact on its own high-quality semicon production. This requires state-of-the-art equipment for the whole chain: front-end and back-end. Extensive process knowledge is also crucial in order to make smart use of the equipment and to produce efficient semiconductors.