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The NTS-Group is a system supplier for the high-tech industry. We develop, manufacture and assemble opto-mechatronic systems, modules and components for international machine builders(OEMs). Our added value enables leading players in the high-tech industry to focus more on the marketing, sales and service of their products.

We comprise different, complementary operating companies based in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore and China, which form together the most important links for manufacturing machines. Our professional skill, expertise and know-how give us optimal control over manufacturing, costs and logistics performance.

We occupy a strategic position as a first-line supplier for international, leading and high-tech OEMs that develop and market ‘high-mix, low volume, high-complexity’ machines.

Our Vision and Mission

The NTS Group firmly believes that international machine builders (OEMs) increasingly need to outsource in order to be able to operate successfully. Relinquishing control of specialized elements of their production processes enables them to accelerate their R&D procedures, simplify their organization structure, lower their working capital and break-even point, and reduce costs.

We want to become partner of choice for leading OEMs by excelling in the development, production and assembly of opto-mechatronic systems and modules.